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Things To Consider Before Buying Email Client Software

With ever increasing use of email, email client softwares are becoming more and more popular. If you have more than one e mail ids and you are required to check them frequently, you will need these softwares. However, if you are thinking that it’s all good about these softwares! There are certain disadvantages of email client softwares, upon comparing them with conventional tools. Let us have a look at what you may need to consider spend money for email client software.130618

“Not so easy” synchronization

You will be aware that some e mail providers let you use IMAP and some allow POP access. IMAP is comparatively easier and good or synchronization between computers. However, those providers who are “POP only” can create great deal of confusion amongst users. And not all the users are that much knowledgeable about the said disadvantage. In this case you may need to opt for a simpler webmail.

Conversation Threading

Threading is basically a grouping of different messages. Different e mail service providers group your e mails using different criteria. Some of us may have experienced that this threading can be confusing. For example the threading in GMAIL (Luckily they provide option to disable threading)! Same is also present with email client softwares also. It will be wise to use a webmail, rather than using confusing email client softwares.

Lack of online back up

You would want to have access to your emails wherever you are. For that, you need online backup of your emails. When you are using a web mail system, you don’t have to worry about the back up as they are already stored in dropbox-02-1024x1024online storages like “Dropbox”. You can also back up email conversations with email client softwares. But only those which have been downloaded by you!

Slow loading

Many of email client softwares are very slow to load. This is especially true with older versions of software. Main culprit amongst them can be named as Windows live mail box! It becomes really frustrating if you have to spend lot of time waiting for your software to load. Compared to that, if you are using a webmail account, you will get quick access to emails based on the speed of internet.

Webmails can be customized

In case, you are fond of using email desktop softwares, you can get the same feel with webmail also. Webmails like Gmail provide alternative settings to change the interface; you can use them just as desktop software. You can manipulate the mails and arrange them just like you would do in a software.

The “cost” factor

Although many email desktop softwares are available for free, most of them do not provide all the features. To take the advantage of full version, you will have to buy the subscription. Instead, you can you webmail for free and for unlimited duration. You don’t have to install any special softwares to use them. Your daily browser will do the job.

Email nowadays is very popular for both business purposes as well as for personal uses and one cannot just deny the importance of email clients and their presence nowadays. They have made things so easier for all the people out there; not only because they are instant but also the fact that you are able to attach unlimited stuff while sending an email and it won’t even cost you a buck.

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