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Everything you need to know about Mail Client Software


Mail client software, which can also be searched as email reader or MUA i.e. mail user agent from the internet, is a kind of desktop application that is capable of doing the tasks that we can expect from a mailing software like reading, composing, sending or receiving the mails. These all activities can be done through the interface of your desktop and user can configure even more than one email addresses to do so. The configured email address is then used to do these tasks through a single central interface i.e. desktop of the user.

In simple words, software present at the user’s desktop which is used to access and manage the emails of the user is called Mail Client Software.

Why is the word Client being used in the name?

As generally email systems are viewed to be based on client-server architecture (where many clients use the single client-006server for their communication tasks) hence, this is called by the name-Mail Client Software.

How can you start using this?

Before starting the email services, the Email address is required to be set up and configured, which may include some information like mail id, password, port number, POP3/IMAP and SMTP address or another similar type of information.

What are the uses and working of this software?

Once the user calls it manually or the time triggers, this mail client software gets the new unread emails from the mailbox of the service provider or send the emails to the destination address through server by using mail transfer agent (MTA) and mail submission agent (MSA) for respective services.

What are the examples of available software in the market?

Today, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail are some of the popular software through which a user can access and manage their emails. Moreover, their user-friendly interfaces and editors like WYSIWYG, protection and security policies for private messages, personalized filter choices are becoming the reasons why their users are increasing day by day.

How is it different from Web Mail?

Understanding the difference can be a little bit confusing for new users. Let us try to explain this difference in the 001-scool-newuserssimplest way possible.

Apart from the requirement of the internet for both type of services, the benefit that mail client software holds over webmail is that the speed of accessing the emails is faster as compared to server present on the web.

Also, already received messages can be read without an internet connection, along with the option of composing your mail in an offline mode and then sending when you go online.

The data in your mailbox is stored on your computer as opposite to saving it on email server in webmail.

So now, as you know what this email client software is, we hope you will use this handy method for reading, composing, sending and managing your emails and will make your life easier than ever either from home or your office.

Email nowadays is very popular for both business purposes as well as for personal uses and one cannot just deny the importance of email clients and their presence nowadays. They have made things so easier for all the people out there; not only because they are instant but also the fact that you are able to attach unlimited stuff while sending an email and it won’t even cost you a buck.

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