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Best Mail Client Software for Free

Looking for a software to manage multiple e mail IDs? We have some mail client software to suggest you. And the best thing is, they are all free!

Have a look at the list below…

Windows live mail

This is the inbuilt mail client in windows. You can link multiple e mail accounts of Hotmail, outlook or google. It supports Microsoft Exchange Active Synch and DeltaSynch protocols. You can get all the basic features windows_live_mail_opening_windowwhich you need as a not so heavy user. You may find it a bit slow. But being a free software and kind of service it provides, it can be labelled as one of the best free mail client software.

Mozilla Thunderbird

This is one of the most popular software in this category. Although it has been developed by Mozilla, it has separated from its parent company. Following separation, they have improved a lot. It supports windows, Mac and Linux. It also supports lot of extensions and add ons. You can apply different themes to get the best appearance of your choice. And another advantage is, you don’t have to install it to every device. You can carry it in a USB drive and use it where ever you want.

Zimbra desktop

This is cool mail client software for your desktop. It supports Hotmail. Yahoo, Aol and other e mail accounts which are based on IMAP or POP. Easy set up and uncomplicated interface make it one of the commonly used mail client software. You can manage multiple accounts of different   mailbox together with help of Zimbra. It can pool all your contacts together. You can also synchronize calenders from Gmail or yahoo.

Dream mail

This free mail client software supports POP3, SMTP, ESMTP and many more. It works best with Hotmail and Yahoo. The best feature of this software is the inbuilt spam blocker! As email marketing is becoming dreammail-2more and more common, it may be possible that your inboxes are flooded with spams. You are recommended to get this software if you are looking for relief from these spams.

Opera mail

“Opera” is a famous company for its browser. It has launched a separate e mail client software. Initially it was just an extension of Opera browser, nut later on they created it as separate software. Simplicity, speed and small! These are the characteristics of this software. This software comes with 2 line vertical view. So even if you are a “windows live” user, it won’t be difficult to switch to Opera mail. It is also available on portable version.

Pegasus Mailpegasus_mail_email_software_by_david_harris_109042

This software is suitable for single or even multiple clients. If you are having an office with multiple employees working on a LAN (Local Area Network), this software is perfect for you! It has an inbuit attachment viewer. It supports PH, IMAP4, POP3, SMPT and PH. It is functional with different plug-ins also. Just like previously mentioned software, it also has a spam filter.

Email nowadays is very popular for both business purposes as well as for personal uses and one cannot just deny the importance of email clients and their presence nowadays. They have made things so easier for all the people out there; not only because they are instant but also the fact that you are able to attach unlimited stuff while sending an email and it won’t even cost you a buck.

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